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Los Angeles based Uh Huh Her is a dynamic pairing of musician/actress Leisha Hailey and singer/producer/multi-instrumentalist Camila Grey. Inspired by a PJ Harvey B-side from the identically titled 2004 PJ Harvey album, their band name was born. But that’s where the borrowing begins and ends.

Uh Huh Her’s sound – a self-described indie electro-pop hybrid – is a unique and organic product of Hailey and Grey’s styles. “[The sound] is the evolution from our backgrounds,” Grey says. “We slammed them all together and that’s what came out.” Their music has a sultriness that crashes head on with the profound, both cosmic and carnal; it is replete with elastic bass lines, ambient synths and backbeats that will seduce to the core. Most importantly, it’s a sound that landed the band in the Top 20 on iTunes with the release of its first single, “Say So,” and resulted in sold out shows in LA. New York, and the UK.

The band, which released its debut EP I See Red last July, marks Hailey’s return to music – she was formerly a member of the bands the Murmurs and Gush. Though she garnered success with her portrayal of journalist Alice Pieszecki on Showtime’s The L Word, Hailey considers herself equal parts musician and actress. “I’ve never really labeled myself into any pocket of creativity,” she says. “I took to it all. I like expanding my creative horizon in any sort of way. I find that they inspire each other. They help me, especially with the live show. In a way, you’re playing someone else when you’re onstage.”

Less than a year after the release of I See Red, Uh Huh Her will unveil their full-length debut, the accessibly melodic Common Reaction, on August 19th. Produced by Al Clay – whom the band worked with on their EP – it was recorded in January at Clay’s L.A. studio, a world away from Grey’s bathroom, where Red’s vocals were laid. The effort is an extension of the band’s previous musical foundation, as evidenced by focused tracks like “Not a Love Song,” “Wait Another Day” and “Explode.”

“We wrote a lot of it before we went in the studio, but we wound up re-cutting everything,” Grey says of the 11-track album. “We wanted to make a commercially appealing record. The songs aren’t specifically poppy but appeal to a wide variety of people.”

“Sometimes the song just calls for it and you can’t fight the pop,” Hailey laughs. “I like that it’s eclectic and not just one thing. That bores me in a record. We never wanted this band to be small.”

Hailey and Grey first crossed paths in 2006, which brought forth the impetus for UHH. “I had been waiting to meet someone who I was really into,” Hailey says. “[Cam] and I started talking about it and met up a couple of times. We just really liked each other.” The two, together with drummer Alicia Warrington, whom Grey knew through their mutual work with Kelly Osbourne, began writing and recording songs for Red in January 2007. In May, however, Warrington took her leave in pursuit of other musical opportunities. Despite the amicable split, Hailey and Grey continued their musical venture. Two-strong, Hailey and Grey developed a balanced symbiosis, with Hailey’s sunny demeanor and passion for performance playing to Grey’s resplendent mystery and affinity for production.

“We’ve really learned to collaborate,” Hailey says. “We were getting to know each other as individuals and musicians and travel mates. It just all came at the same time. I feel like we fell into what it’s supposed to be now.” While Hailey got her pedigree in indie rock early on, Grey grew from a childhood of classical piano studies and a father-fed Neil Diamond diet to playing bass and keys for lo-fi indie rock band Mellowdrone, and providing vocals for film score composer Hans Zimmer, Dr. Dre and Busta Rhymes, among others. “It’s such a weird world,” Grey says. “Here I am, little me with all of these hip-hop superstars. It’s cool because I come from this indie rock, electronic thing. To go into that world and have the two collide is really interesting. Rather than cast her producing talents aside, Grey brought them to the forefront, lending her talents to both I See Red and Common Reaction. “It’s so much fun to be able to start with a drum track and literally build something out of nothing,” Grey says. “I’m really drawn to layering instruments and seeing how they all relate to one another. I love producing vocals. I think ultimately it’s the vocal that makes the song and carries it.”

With Common Reaction, Hailey and Grey are looking to a horizon that’s as expansive as their sound – which is to say, seemingly infinite. “We’re getting a chance that a lot of bands aren’t,” Hailey says. “It’s just about us showing up and proving that we can do it.”

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