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How can you have an FAQ when the site is brand new?
Because I’m psychic and it seemed like fun.

Who are you?
You know who I am, quit joking around.

Who was the opening act for UHH’s [insert show of choice here]?
To the best of my knowledge:
2007: XrayOK
Spring 2008: Angie Mattson
SXSW 2008: Amy Cook
US/Canada Tour 2008: The Fashion
London 2008: Chew Lips

What instruments do the girls use?
Cam’s Bass: Fender Jaguar
Cam’s Guitar: Squier Super Sonic Vista Series/Fernandes Native Pro/Fernandes Telecaster
Cam’s Keyboard: Korg Triton
Leisha’s Bass: Fender Mustang Short-Scale Bass
Leisha’s Keyboard: Nord Lead 2x

I want guitar tabs of their songs, gimme gimme gimme.
Try this. Kidding, kidding. Kind of.
The only place where I know you can get guitar tabs is at, but they don’t have every song. Other then that, you’ll just have to become a musical genius and figure it all out by ear. Good luck.

How many albums/EPs have UHH released?
I See Red (2007)

Common Reaction (2008)

How do I send fan mail to the girls?
You buy a stamp and an envelope, if you’re not from the US then you might need an extra stamp or two (I don’t really know how it works), and then you send it to this address:

Nettwerk Music Group
ATTN: Uh Huh Her
1545 Wilcox Avenue
Suite 200
Hollywood, CA 90028

Something’s wrong, something’s missing, something doesn’t work, I’ve got some stuff that I want to send in, copyright! I want credit! etc.
Drop everything and tell me! Seriously.
Well, way back when there was a guy called Ray Tomlinson and he invented a weird little thing called ‘e-mail’. Now, this is how I choose to communicate with some people, and you can to! So go ahead and send me an e-mail. Or if you haven’t heard of or got this wonderful little invention then just leave a comment somewhere around here and I’ll read it.

This FAQ sucks! You didn’t answer my question!
Ok, ok , cool your jets. There’s only one of me around here, and my psychic abilities are limited sometimes. If I haven’t answered your question feel free to e-mail me or you can send a smoke signal or something. Although, sending smoke signals might take a while. It tends to attract firefighters rather then myself.

How can I contact you?
You still don’t know how to do that yet? You. Can. Email. Me. Here: uhhuhhermusic[at]gmail[dot]com. You’re welcome.

What now?
Well it’s the end now so I guess it’s cheerio but be back soon.


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