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Welcome to the unofficial Uh Huh Her fan site! Look around, click away to your heart’s content, and don’t take any cookies without asking…I counted them. All of them. Even that one.

With no money and a limited amount of technical knowledge (think none) this is all I could do. So let’s start thinking ‘quantity over quality’, ‘content over nice pretty little graphics’, ‘chocolate over fruit’, ‘peanuts over brazil nuts’, you know that kind of thing.

If you have anything to add, want anything taken off, love the site, hate the site, just want to say hi, or tell me what your favourite colour is, then feel free to contact me at uhhuhhermusic[at]gmail[dot]com.

See you around,


Read the disclaimer and get a free muffin!*

There’s also a FAQ if you have some time to spare. Out of free stuff to offer though, so it’ll have to be out of your own free will.

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